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Cannabinoid Medicines is aware of the growing demand for cannabinoid-based medicine for patients and their families. It’s particularly in demand among individuals who have tried at least two types of traditional medication that failed to deliver results. For this reason, we remain committed to medical cannabis treatments that effectively treat a wide range of complex body pain and substance addition.

Our clinic’s team is led by Dr. Oscar D’Agnone. He serves as the medical director in addition to his duties as CEO of Seagrave Healthcare Ltd. Under his guidance, our clinic provides effective symptomatic relief treatments.

Our team is well-known for our clinical and academic track record. We combine our disciplinary approach and evidence-based treatments to build an effective programme for each patient. As a result, each patient responds positively to our bespoke treatment plans. But of course, we would still advice patients to consult their doctor to make sure that their medical cannabis treatment and traditional medication are compatible.

We also require an initial assessment with one of our experienced consultations so we can determine whether you’re eligible for cannabinoid medical prescriptions. The appointment fee is £150.

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